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It was night time in the City and all was quiet, the air was still and Storm Riders roamed the streets in search of challenges and partolling their turf. One such night the Jungle King, Kait, was doing his usual evening patrol on his turf when he noticed that his emblem had been covered by another emblem. The picture was a blue tornado on it that said in an orange font "Vortex King". As Kait wondered who would challenge him, he turned to see that Kyo Haruki was standing behind him.

"Well since you challenge me, I will choose the challenges will be an E-Class Hurdle. The route is the northern part of the territory of Kemono composed of dozens of buildings each with pipes involved them having only space for one person to pass between the wall and the building. The course has 6 miles that has hundreds of bins, poles and many other random things that may be on the way. The route ends at the top of the highest tower of the city's electricity where the symbols are the two runners," Kait challeneged.

"Ok then, Jungle King, let's do this," Kyo said with a smirk. He followed Kait to that starting line which was on top of a roof of a nearby house. Kyo got into a starting stance and looked at Kait. "On your mark, Kait"

"3...2...1...Start" Kyo starts racing but Kait keeps in the same place for three more seconds to go. "Now might be a real challenge" kait says while easily dodging obstacles that appear in front of him.

Kyo continous to jump from rooftop to rooftop, ducking and dodging people chimneys and ventilatioons shafts with moderate difficulty. He turns for a brief second to see that Kait is closing in on him whilst dodging obstacles effortlessly. No way, so this is the Jungle Roads power, Kyo thought to himself. He jumped off of the next roof and grinded along the railing.

Kait sees Kyo jumping to a roof thinking to himself with a smile on his face. "He is struggling to deviate from obstacles so deside change strategy" Kait deside Modar path also going to bring part of the buildings which still has more obstacles. "There is the lake in front I want to see the power of the Cyclone Road in action on his territory" Kait says.

As Kyo pulled up to the lake front a smile crossed Kyo's face. Now we're in my territory, how about we do something different though, he thought to himself. As he neared the lake his wheels began to increase its spin and all of the sudden he was riding in midair. Water Glider!!! Kyo was now skating on a body of water in the sky, as he skated over the lake he looked behind at Kait. That's all your gettin from way are you seeing my full power yet....

Kait starts laughing quite loudly while his Regalia begins to change while Kait enters the lake and is walking as Kyo. "The power of the Cyclone Road is impressive but if that's all you can do you will not manage to win" Kait and pick Kyo suddenly accelerates without effort. "The only real race starts now."

Kyo looks downwards to see that Kait is actually right under him and he begons to increase in speed. Kyo jumps off of the surface of water and lands in an alleyway, barely missing the fence.

Kait is placed just behind Kyo but knowing the path can deviate easily from obstacles starting to walk the walls just above Kyo."You will not beat me in my territory" kait says heading for Kyo with a smile on his face.

"That's what you think,"Kyo replied with his own smile. Suddenly the smalle turbine jets on his A-T's stuck out a little and a burst of water shot out, boosting Kyo's speed and helping him gain the lead. Kyo did a wall ride along the alley wall to get over a fence and he landed back on the ground, continuing his burst of speed.

"Come on!" kait speed suddenly increases without explanation leaving wheel marks on the wall due to friction produced by wheels. "Infinity Jungle!" Kait shows Kyo increase your speed picking up a second. The two sit side by side almost at the tower.

Using his Regalia already.....he's gonna be worn out soon and then i'll strike...Kyo planned. As they came out of the alley Kyo jumped into the air once again activated his Water Glider move. He rod over a few buildings and then landed on a roof. He then dashed forward again and skated past a pole with his arsm out. He then did a spiral climb up to pole and launched himself up onto the face of the tower. He then proceeded his vertical climb/wall rleaps up the tower.

Kait starts to climb the tower upright right behind Kyo both reach the top at the same time and when they get there the two grab the symbols exactly the same time being considered a tie.

"Lucky...." Kyo remarked annoyedly. He really wanted this piece of territory fot it's waterfront, but why should he care? At least he still has that abandoned Water Pumping station...

"Well it seems that this time you were lucky" kait says with a friendly smile to Kyo. "I hope to meet you one again someday" Kait reaches out to bid farewell to Kyo

"Hold up, i can'tlive with this tie!" Kyo said in a quick burst of anger. "We must settle this once andd for all, i'm not gonna lose a chance to fight you at full strength. So, I challenge you to a D-Class Cube Match!"

"Really want another battle?" Kait goes to Kyo with a relaxed air "Okay this time you can choose the field of the challenge" "I do not care to beat you in your territory" Kait says quite proud.

"Alright then, it's on." Kyo said with a smile. Afetr a while they eventually came to the arena, which wasn;t even much of an arena. The area they were going to fight in was a metal square like platform out in the middle of the lake front in the south side of Kyo's territory. The square was surrounde by a vast amount of water. Kyo looked at Kait and gestured him to come at him. "You can have the first strike."

"Ok let's go" Kait prepares for the fight while his Colta to its normal state regalia "Now you see my true power 'Fire Stage'" Kait increases your blood flow faster and gaining strength

Kyo didn't activate his Regalia and just stood there...waiting for Kait's first attack.

"Here I go, get ready," Kait advances towards an unimaginable speed.

As soon as Kait had moved, Kyo's arms were up in the defence position. Kait's fist slammed into Kyo's arms and the impact sent Kyo sliding backwards. Kyo then ran forward and launched a quick kick with his right foot, aimed at Kait's waist.

Kait defends against the attack and then goes to the wall and starts walking up the wall and eventually dissapears due to speed, then immediately launches several attacks Kyo from nowhere.

Kyo is hit in all sorts of directions and Kyo can't keep up with them. He eventually summons enough strength to put up a barrier of water and the attacks were blocked by it.

"This barrier will not protect you forever" Kait's voice comes from all directions while attacking the protection of Kyo. "Guess I'll have to show you the force that defeated all members of the Force Trackers" Suddenly the impacts that were hit the barrier that was protecting Kyo have became stronger "These are the Black Fist and the Black Leg"

Kyo continues to have his water shield pounded back and forth with increasingly powerful strikes. Eventually  Kyo expaded his shields width and opened a hole which caused Kait to fall into the barrier.

kait shuns Kyo and prepares to attack again but this time he activates his Regalia gaining even more speed.

Kyo creats another barrier inside the outer barrier to protect himself from Kait's strikes. He has now trapped Kait in a large barrier and Kyo in a smaller barrier which is inside the large barrier.

Kait starts running around creating a vortex wind that eventually burst with the bubble.

The bubble surrounding Kyo burst, however, the one outside began to suck inwards, if Kait continued then he'd eventually either squash to two storm riders or cause the two to run out of oxygen.

Kait speed increases to the point of leaving marks of fire on the ground and the speed at which he walked eventually explode with the bubble and the two were thrown against the walls and the two end up being unconscious.