Air Gear Fanon Wiki

On behalf of the current Air Gearr Fanon wiki crew Me (YoungEezy27) and Grandfire would like to say, Welcome to the Air Gear Fanon Wiki! This is a place where you can publish you're own fictional ideas or artwork and even Storylines and Roleplays on the the Air Gear universe. However, with great fun comes great rules to ensure everyone's fun. So let's get on with them.

General Rules[]

  1. Have fun!!! That's the whole reason you chose to join the wiki in the first place right? (Unless you're a hacker or troller which in this case get the heck out or behave).
  2. Please be kind to everyone else. (Nuff said really)
  3. Try not to insult each other or use personal attacks like calling someone an idiot, if you want to correct someone please do it without offence.
  4. When in need of answers to questions or just general help for ideas and such, don't be afraid to ask. Seriously, we wil take the time to help you, you can leave it on a talk page or come to the chat for a quick piece of advice.
  5. Please Respect the copyright
  6. Please try to finish your (or at least get them to an acceptable standard) sometimes the construction template is overly abused and we'd love to keep it underabused.
  7. No video game images or show off graphics, this is an anime based wiki and we like to keep are stuff 2D please.
  8. Try to use the preview button before publishing a page, it helps reduce edit conflicts and decreases the risks of typos.
  9. Sign your talk posts, we really don't want to have to search through the history to identify you.
  10. Try to be reasonable with your Roads and Regalia, not every Road needs a Regalia and Sub Regalia are just as good as the original.
  11. When on the chat, try and keep cursing to a minimum, or non at all if possible. Yeah, yeah i know we're all pretty mature to be watching Air Gear but please keep it censored.

Editing, Characters and Canon Rules[]

Yep, editing rules are a category of their own since there's a lot of stuff that needs to be discussed

  1. Editing Work without permission - We have property templates for a reason poeple, please don;'t edit other people's hard work without their explicit permission.  Maybe we can allow the odd spell correction but we discourage that (and even that you can just leave a message on their talk). If the author complains we will have to look into it.
  2. Using other people's work - Ok we understand, not every Road should be exclusive to the creator, but if you want to use it at least ask the person first. 
  3. Creating an Existing Road/Regalia/Sub-Regalia - Make sure if you have an idea for one of those two that you look extensively before creating a page, some roads may already have been created with the principles you have in mind. If you're gonna make a Road that is a hybrid of others, please limit it to a hybrid of three Roads or less.
  4. Limits to Regalia Making - Just so we don't have a mad Regalia Bargain Sale, Fanon Roads must be cleared as reasonable by an admin before you make a Sub Regalia....that's right guys. Sub-Regalia's only for fanon roads (When you think about it truly some Sub-Regalia's are just underated). You don't neccesarily have to wait forever for an admin to see your Road, trust me, we'll know.
  5. The Sky Regalia -  No one i repeat no one is allowed to use the Sky Regalia or Storm Regalia for their character
  6. Kings - First Off, people can only create a King character  once they've reached about 40 edits...However, that doesn't mean you can't have King-Level riCharacters, there's a total difference. Kings are people that have a Regalia or Sub Regalia in their posession. King-Level people are those who have mastered their roads to a high degree.
  7. Road Realism - Could we please make sure that our Roads some how make scientific or natural sense. When you think about it all the Roads make some kind of logical sense.
  8. Crossovers - No, just no. As much as i'd love to have crossovers in the universe i don't think Storm Riders, should be fighting Ninja's from Naruto (However if you wann amale a ninja themed team feel free) or the Dragons from Fairy Tail. I know you want to make cool crossovers but we've got to limit the Air Gear Fanon wiki to Air Gear. 
  9. Magic - Please, no magic. Air Gear focuses quite a bit on realism even if it does kinda push it to extrem lengths in a sense. Please, if you want magic i will kindly poiint over to that wiki  9don't get me wrong, that wiki is cool and i like magic).
  10. Ecchi or Hentai Pictures- This is pretty much self explanitory, noe Hentai pics whatsoever....ecchi is a little more *safer* than hentai....but still.....preferably non of them.
  11. Sending Suggestions - You got any suggestions for rules? Please tell me.