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The Cyclone Regalia: Typhoon Force is a Sub-Regalia which is owned by the Vortex King of the Cyclone Road, Kyo Haruki.


The Cyclone Regalia was built by his personal Link tuner, Kiara Banks, who was an advanced Tool Toul To member who's skills rival that of even Kururu. The Regalia was intially built to express her gratitude towards him from saving her from a group of the newly formed Knight Kings via an E-Class Hurdle Challenge.


Externally, the Cyclone Regalia actually looks like you're basic pair A-Ts albeit a little bit heavier and the fact that their are two little half cylinders sticking out of the side where the mini 'Jet Engines' are supposed to be. When activated the miniature turbines stick out of the sides of the Regalia and begin to spin and the wheels fold out slightly (similar to that of the Fang Regalia though to a lesser degree). Inside the Regalia is a special component for the A-Ts which allow them to supercool water vapour to form water in it's standard state which can then be manipulated for a number of tricks.


1st Stage - In this stage the Cyclone Regalia's wheels fold out similar to the Fang Regalia's and the Jet's stick out of the side. The folding out of the wheels allows the rider to be able to ride over bodies of water and exert high pressure steam from the Regalia to increase jump height. The Jet Engines cause an increase in condensation rate causing it to happen almost instantly.

2nd Stage - In this next stage the Cyclone Regalia's wheels rotate sideways and stick to the soles of the A-Ts and begin to spin at a fast rate in order to create a hoverboot like state. In this Stage Kyo can practically fly and create water filled hurricane's to attack his opponents. His winds are strong enough to lift up dumpsters and even lift up cars with enough effort.


  • Water Clone - The rider blows out a combination of wind and water in order to create clones of himself made out of water. They actually cannot move but can still fool the opponent if the area if covered in thick steam.
  • Water Glider V.2 - Similar to the original Water Glider, however, the body of water is shaped like a large Manta Ray
  • Infinity Flood - Poseidon's Prison: This move can be done on the ground but is a lot better in the air. Kyo gets into a low stance and uses the wind absorption to suck in a large amount of water vapour. Upon release he creates a massive bubble of water that trap his opponents and slowly drowns them. Once they are trapped Kyo, spins around on one foot and sticks his legs out releasing a volley of wavves of high pressure steam in multiple directions within the bubble causing massive amounts of damage.