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The Cyclone Road is a balance type Road which is considered a hybrid of the Lather, Bloody and Over Roads. It focuses on all aspects of combat, The Bloody Road's attack, the Lather Road's manipulation of water and the Over Road's defence. The King of this Road currently is Kyo Haruki, the Vortex King


The Cyclone Road combines many principles of the Roads that it varies from.

  • The rider can create water through the condensation of water vapour via the rotation of the A-T's wheels
  • The rider can adapt the windmill theory of the Over Road in order to manipulate the created water.
  • The rider can create surfaces of high tension water molecules that can be ridden on the by the user. This allows the user to practically ride anywhere.
  • The rider can use the "Slice" characteristic of the Bloody Road in order to create high pressure waves of  water, high tension bubbles and high pressure steam jets.

The effectiveness of the road completely depends of the moisture and temperature of the air. For example, if the room was particularly horn then the speed of condensation of the water vapour increases, effectively allowing the user to attack with a smaller charge time. This makes the Road particularly effective against roads that require heat such as the Flame Road. On the other hand if the area was a lot colder, then the Cyclone Road would be useless as the air would be colder than the users A-T's.


Name Road or Variant Team
Kyo Haruki Cyclone Road Solo

Cyclone Regalia[]

The Cyclone Regalia:Typhoon Force makes it possible for the rider to ride on bodies of water like a speed boat using the wind and can absorb and condense water vapour at impressively quick speeds. When activated the 1st form of the Regalia allows the user to ride over water. The wheels fold outwards similar to the Bloody Road to allow the rider to float over water and two little jet engine shaped devices also stick out a bit from the sides to increase condensation speed. The 2nd Stage of the Regalia causes the wheels to rotate and stick to the bottom of the A-T's transforming it into a hoverboot like state. 


  • Wind Absorption: By rotating the wheels in a peel out fashion, the rider can use the Windmill Theory to absorb wind based attacks
  • Water Glider: The rider can use ride on a body of water  with a high surface tension using his wheels to condense water vapour.


  • The Cyclone Road's general premise is very similar to that of Orca's Fang Road. Both Roads utilise water.