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The Hunter Road is a Road that specializes in tracking and stealthy taking down the users "prey". Arguably the purpose of the road is similar to the Gaia Road as it also focuses on  immobilizing enemies and damaging their A-T's to help the rider's "hunt". The King of this Road is________ the Predator Queen

The Hunter Road incorporates principles from the Gaia Road. Smell Road and Wing Road, however, the Predator Queen also uses fangs from the Bloody Road to boost her offensive capabilities.


  • The rider takes a pill that causes excessive perspiration which allows the user to emit a smell that can cause the "prey" the experience anything from hallucinations to poisoning and even cause them to sleep.
  • The rider can use the Wind to fire off "Darts". These Darts can be used to attack the "prey" from far off, they usually contain the chemicals created by the perspiration.
  • The rider can also use elements of the Gaia Road in order to help the rider locate it's "prey".