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The Jungle Regalia: Jungle Blades is a Sub-Regalia which is owned by the Jungle King of the Jungle Road, Kait.


The Jungle Regalia was built by his personal Link tuner, Madi, who was an advanced Tool Toul To member. The Regalia have been made to D-Class chalenges and have been first used by Tyson the first Jungle King.


The Jungle Regalia has the appearance of a normal A-Ts even lighter for easy mobility and agility, he has two blades around the wheel. When it is activated slides out of the sides of Regalia and begin to turn the wheels and to bend slightly outward (similar to the Wind Regalia but without the wings). Within the Regalia is a special component for the AT, which allows them to heat the wheels according to the friction that produces.


1st Stage - In this stage the Jungle Regalia's wheels fold out similar to the Wind Regalia's. The folding out of the wheels allows the rider to be able to ride over water and exert high pressure steam from the Regalia to increase jump height.


  • Green Path - It's a trick where Kait moves at a speed unimaginable where he is able to create illusions as trees monsters that attack the enemy when Kait attacks.
  • Infinity Atmosphere- Infinity Jungle - The Infinity Atmosphere of the Jungle Road. Its exact effect is unknown, but it appears to increase the strength and speed of the users "grass".
  • Jungle Fury ・Beast Appearance - The most powerfull trick that Kait have showed during the serie. With this trick Kait creates an illusion due to friction that illusion is a giant tree monster appears then burning that many more small monsters does appear that attack the opponent.