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Kait is the current Jungle King of the Jungle Road after have defect Tyson the last King. The riders of this road move at extremely high agility and precision, able to dodge rocks and roots of trees with ease. The high friction of the movement on a surface causes enough heat to create the illusion of a giant root. This Road is considered a variant of the Flame Road.


  • The main is the natural agility and immense speed, they must be able to dodge the stones and branches of any obstacle. This ability to dodge is a great help because of the relief of the areas where they run, it's espcially helpful if they want to be able to traverse areas with a high density of trees.
  • The secondary principle a Flame Road principle, the generation of heat via friction. This principle is very important as it allows the user to bend light and create illusions (usually of giants roots and tree monsters in order to confuse the opponent.)
  • The final principle is the second of the Flam Road's principle, "Time". This is the ability to use fast and precise attacks on the opponent in order to freeze the movement of their victim. It can also be used in conjuntion with their movement in order to increae reaction time and reflexes.

Riders & Variants

There have been several Storm Rider specializing in the Jungle Road including two official Kings. Kings

  • Tyson (was the First Jungle King)
  • Kait (the leader of the Kimono team, is the current Jungle King)

Jungle Regalia

The Jungle Regalia core is named Beast King. The Jungle Regalia: Jungle Blades makes it possible for the rider to ride with speed and beleze through natural obstacles and tie even random objects like crates or even pipes. When activated the first form of the Regalia allows the user to walk on any surface due to the movement produced by the revolving blades that Saien wheels. The wheels are similar to the Wind Regalia to Ikki that allow walk on water and gives a boost to jump huge.


  • Infinity Jungle - The Infinity Atmosphere of the Jungle Road. Its exact effect is unknown, but it appears to increase the strength and speed of the users "grass".
  • Jungle Fury ・Beast Appearance - The most powerfull trick that Kait have showed during the serie. With this trick Kait creates an illusion due to friction that illusion is a giant tree monster appears then burning that many more small monsters does appear that attack the opponent.