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Kai t


The Beast King
Black Assassin






Male.png Male


165 cm


53 kg



Date of birth

January 1st

Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status


Previous Affiliation

Force Trackers


Jungle Regalia


Hair stylist



Personal Status



Zain (older brother)

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Kait is the main protagonist of the fanfiction story of Air Gear the Jungle Force. Prior to the beginning of the series, he was established as the leader of the Kemono, a school gang. After having won the previous Jungle King he became the king of Jungle Road earning the nickname "Jungle King" making its most powerful gange of your school. Kait is a former member of the Force Trackers one of the strongest teams where Kait derrutou alone all members becoming the "Black Assassin" because of his legs and bracs have become black during the race.


He has black hair and black eyes, tanned skin. He wears shorts with sandals and a free red sleeveless vest. Kait also has a scar with two points below the left eye. Appearing to be thin under his shirt, he has a very muscular body. Kait can wear a different outfit to suit the race, but will return to its registered trademark red vest and blue shorts after each race. Althrough his clothes is not to resist fire, they do not burn, only damaged by battle, resting only a short.

As the leader of the Force Trackers kait was seen wearing a black suit with a red shirt and with a black long coat over his normal black coat.

As the Jungle King Kait uses an open red cardigan with long sleeves with four buttons, tied at the waist with a yellow stripe. He grew a little louder, and is shown to be more muscular, due to their training. This can be seen where the neck is slightly thickers, and also his chest with more definition.


Kait is mostly a happy and playful, he is not as smart althrough he knows when to be serious, he's a genius when it comes to battles. He rarely gets cold and dark, it happens when he faces certain enemies or when you see someone close to him suffer. He had a habit of flirting with any pretty girl he meets, but when its excessive beauty to it, it petrifies comicly.



When Kait was little, he was left with his older brother, Zain, and due to this teveram of subreviver alone which meant he becomes more mature depresa. kait gathered a gange composed of people who have been abandoned because they do not want anyone else to feel like he Sentio. That is why he is always worried about his teammates. Since the formation of his gang is said that no child was abandoned, but on the contrary the number of adversaries gang increased exponentially. Since small Kait always had the dream of becoming a world famous Storm Rider. Kait construio his first pair of A-Ts alone with leftover parts he found in the trash and that some people gave him.

Create a Team

Once you have created your first pair of A-Ts Kait comesou training days and nights to become the best ever. Kait decided to form a team to participate in wars of parts and be able to challenge the other teams. Kait decided to invite the members of his gange to join him as they were also corredore A-Ts. With this they begin to join up for the team's name, the symbol and start earning territories.

The Strongest Road

During one of his challenges Kait faced Spitfire, Kait and got to see his impresionado Flame Road and asked him to teach him to use the Flame Road. Once you have learned with Spitfire Kait trained to be able to create your own Road basiada Flame Road in establishing its Jungle Road.


Kait is the current Jungle King of the Jungle Road after have defect Tyson the last King. The riders of this road move at extremely high agility and precision, able to dodge rocks and roots of trees with ease. The high friction of the movement on a surface causes enough heat to create the illusion of a giant root. This Road is considered a variant of the Flame Road.


Since its first use the A-Ts Kait was quite knowledgeable manusiar walking and rising from rank with his team very quickly.During his short tenure as the King Traker, Kait only used the Traker Vortex and Gail Universe. Kait later have receve the Jungle Regalia: Jungle Blades when he became the Jungle King indestructible and able to walk easily in difficult terrains like jungles and mountains.


  • Lawn Way - Kait is able to walk on the surface of complete relief of rocks and roots, known as the Lawn Way, giving an appearance that the user is able to breakers in feet from everything.
  • Green Growth - Kait does grow huge roots from the ground resilient enough to cope with the peopl kait while walking hyper speed. Using this trick Kait can walk tens of kilometers.

Black Fist

  • Black Fist - Kait makes her arms in steel that can kill someone with a single attack. Kait with this attack can withstand many physical attacks without flinching. This trick was first seen during the race against Yami as he was attacked in front unable to escape Kait then puts his arms in front of face and ends up making her hard black arms like steel. This trick may be used in conjunction with Black Leg to an impenetrable defense.
  • Black Head - Kait makes her forehead in steel that can kill someone with a single attack. Kait pconsegue with this attack break a steel shield with a halter.
  • Black Leg - Kait makes her black and tough as steel legs that break ribs with a kick.
  • Fire Stage - This technique involves Kait accelerate the flow of blood in all or selected parts of the body in order to provide them with oxygen and nutrients. This makes it much faster and more powerful.
  • Infinity Jungle - The Infinity Atmosphere of the Jungle Road. Its exact effect is unknown, but it appears to increase the strength and speed of the users "grass".
  • Jungle Fury ・Beast Appearance - The most powerfull trick that Kait have showed during the serie. With this trick Kait creates an illusion due to friction that illusion is a giant tree monster appears then burning that many more small monsters does appear that attack the opponent.


  • Kait is based on the One Piece character Monkey D. Luffy.
  • Kait become the Jungle King after have defect his team ex member Baster.
  • This his Grandfire first character on this wikia.