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August 5th

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Sister (Jade Haruki)

Kyo Haruki is a Solo Storm Rider that has reached King Level status in his Road the Cyclone Road which is a fusion of the Bloody, Lather and Over Roads. He lives with his older sister as his parent's are abroad. He is acknowledged as the Vortex King.


Kyo is best described as a calm and collected individual who always seems to be relaxed and is rarely under stress. When challenged to a Parts War he never backs down and tends to underestimate his opponents. He has a lot of pride in his Road and skills and is willing to prove himself when given the chance.


Kyo is a tanned 17 year old male of average height and weight. He has long silver hair with a short fringe just above his eyebrows. His normal uniform consists of a navy blue t-shirt under an open orange hoodie, he also wears fingerless navy gloves with white strips and navy blue chinos. He can also sometimes be seen wearing his red and purple top with white pants.


Kyo was originally not a fan of A-T's and found them to be overated (even going as far as to call them "teched up kiddy skates". He really wanted nothing to do with the Storm Rider World. However, one day while chilling out with his friends, he and his group were viciously attacked by Agito Wanijima and a group of other Storm Riders for being on his turf. After being humiliated and beaten up by the group, Kyo decided to take up Air Trek riding and trained himself everyday to eventually be skillful enough to defeat Agito. Sadly, the training was fruitless as when the time came (though Kyo put up a valiant fight) he was slaughtered by Agito and was mocked for not even having a Road. At that moment in time Kyo realized that there was more to A-T's then he really knew and Akito (Agito's alternate personality) decided to train him in the ways of the Bloody Road in order for him to become stronger.

The Training of a Fang King

After a few months of training Kyo finally expressed to Akito that the Road didn't feel right for him (even though he was very competent in the Road) and was rewarded with a slap by Agito. Agito then revealed that the whole point of following a Road was to feel comfortable with it and that instead of wasting the latter's time. Kyo should've searched for his own personal Road. After a quick trial run by Agito, Kyo discovers that his "Run" is a mixture of various Roads and it even puzzles Agito. Kyo then decides that he'll just fuse the Roads that he Runs like together to form his perfect Road. Agito explained to him which Road he acts like and Kyo goes off in search of training. 

Kyo later runs into Spitfire (who was alive at the time of the story) who claims to have been watching him and explains to him the various Roads and pointed out which Roads he rides like. After numerous experiments Kyo finally constructs the Cyclone Road, a fusion of the Bloody, Over and Lather Roads. Upon finding his Road, Kyo agreed to a deal with Spitfire saying that he'll join Genesis if Kyo becomes the King of his Road and somehow gets a Regalia.

Work and Play 

Kyo began to take part in many Parts Wars fight various teams (such as the Power Linerz and even the Skull Saders at one point). He eventually reached D-Class and realised he couldn't go any further in the Ranks unless he formed a twam (which he didn't want to do). One night whilst Kyo was riding, Spitfire approached him and invited him to an unofficial Storm Rider party in which only Genesis members were invited (many cameos appeared including Buccha who was, obviously, eating all the food). After a while the DJ played Kyo's favourite song which got him dancing. Evry mamber of Genesis was impressed with his moves and encouraged him to become a King so they could have him on the team. The feeling of comfortability with Genesis re kindled Kyo's drive to join the team.

Kyo soon after met Kiara Banks, and American Tool Toul to member who was being harassed by a Storm Rider gang called the Knight Kings (the newly reformed Night Kings, Buccha's old team also known as the Yaoh's). Kyo came to here rescue and challenged them to an E-Class Hurdle and the winner got Kiara. The race ws quite the distance and at one point even required them to go through a train station tunnel where an oncoming train was apporaching. After the intenses race Kyo won and saved Kiara.  In a display of gratitude, Kiara offers to help Kyo in the creation of the Cyclone Regalia and even became his personal Link Tuner.

Abilities and A-T

Kyo is a Balance type rider, showing a equal display of offence and defence and utilizing his Road to it's fullet potential. He was originaly very weak in his A-T skills as he lacked a drive and didn't even have a determined road. In fact many of his friends dubbed him a "Divergant Rider" as he had no particular road to follow. After a while he decided to develop his own road which later became the Cyclone Road. His fighting style whilst wearing his A-T's mainly consist of a combination of Water and High Pressure Steam attacks. He can also pull up defensive moves along with it such as causing a column of water to form around him. He is a good kick boxer and street brawler. His maximum R.E.A.D is level is 315.

Kyo's A-T's were originally custom made from an original unnamed model, eventually however he managed to get a friend of his, that happened to be a tuner, to create for him the Cyclone Regalia: Typhoon ForceThey are water proofed with a custom alloy to stop rust.


  • Wind Absorption: By rotating his wheels in a peelout fashion, Kyo can use the Windmill Theory to absorb wind lbased attacks
  • Water Glider: Kyo can use ride on a body of water  with a high surface tension using his wheels to condense water vapour.
  • Roaring Wave: Kyo uses the 0-Max-0 principle to do a variant of Agito's "Leviathan Fang" except he uses a wave of highly compressed water. The Wave is quite wide and thick, allowing it can send opponents flying on impact.
  • Biting Wave: Kyo uses the same technique as the Roaring Wave, except it produces a much more condensed and overall thinner wave. The wave has the same overall effect as a Water Jet Cutter, the high pressure wave of water can cut through flesh and wood.
  • Dragon Twister: Kyo absorbs a large amount of air around him and condenses it into water, slowing releasing it so he doesn't overfill is A-T's. He then shapes the water into a ball and kicks it with the sole of his foot. The ball of water then shoots towards his opponent on the shape of a dragon.
  • Infinite Flood: Poseiden's Prison: This move can be done on the ground but is a lot better in the air. Kyo gets into a low stance and uses the wind absorption to suck in a large amount of water vapour. Upon release he creates a massive bubble of water that trap his opponents and slowly drowns them. Once they are trapped Kyo, spins around on one foot and sticks his legs out releasing a volley of waves of high pressure steam in multiple directions within the bubble causing massive amounts of damage. This is the Cyclone Roads Infinity Atmosphere.
  • Bubble Shock:Once Kyo has activated the 2nd Stage of his Regalia, he then begins to rotate his wheels rapidly arround him to create a giant dome of water around him (similar to his other Inifnity Trick) and it begins to rotate at a wild speed around. Once the person he's against is caught up in the rotation, Kyo releases a group of explosive bubbles that explode within the water causing a large amount of damage.


  • His appearance is very similar to (and is based off of) Tsubasa Otori from the Beyblade:Metal Fusion series.
  • Kyo is an extremely good Street Dancer