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This regalia takes the rip-start momentum that the user builds up, turns it into internal energy and finally remits it as a sharp energy wave. It's has sharp blade like wheels, a red colour overall and a figure head resembling a dragon at the top. It name is Jack Ripper and it has serrations, also it is used by the Shred King.


The Shred Regalia: Jack Ripper.

  • Primo Forma - This is the the normal un-activated form of the regalia.
  • Secondo Forma - In this form the dragons ruby eyes glow green and the and the wheels split along their serrations into a saw-blade configuration.


Blade - By breaking and simultaneously accelerating Tezuka creates rip-start momentum, this creates an internal energy that is able to be fired from the wheels of Tezuka's AT's.

Shredder Blade - Tezuka uses his rip-start to create an devastating Blade, that is more powerful than an ordinary Blade.

X Rip - As the name suggests, it is a pair of Blades fired in a cross-shaped configuration.

Dancing Blades - Tezuka executes a series of break dancing move while simultaneously firing Blades.

Lethal Cutter Blade - This is an evolved form of the Shredder Blade, it takes the appearance of an oversized Blade with ribbed protrusions and is yellow in colour. It is also the Infinite Atmosphere of the Shred Regalia.


  • It is named after Jack the ripper a murderer that walked in the streets of Victorian London.