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{{TagSync}} Is used to sync pages across the [[Template:ACGNetworkWGEP|WGEP]].


{{TagSync|dontShow=true|Bot Param 1|...|Bot Param 5}}
  • You cannot use any other templates or links inside of the bot params. The bot will not parse out templates, and the | used in links and templates will not be handled correctly by the bot.
  • If you set dontShow=true then the TagSync info table will not be displayed. Though it is recommended that you do show this table.
  • You are limited to 5 bot params.
  • If you have multiple TagSync templates on one page, only the first will be used. (This is why the template is only located at the top of this page.
  • Synced pages are automatically made part of Category:TagSynced.
  • Bot parameters are parsed out by the bot, they go in the form key: val.
    • include and exclude: include or exclude wiki in the sync. Later values override previous ones. (Values below)
      • *: This value acts aliases all wiki in the WGEP.
      • wiki id: Use the id of a Wiki to sync to it (Only WGEP wiki are valid includes).
      • top: This value aliases as all the top-level wiki.
      • mid: This value aliases as all the mid-level wiki.
      • low: This value aliases as all the lower-level wiki.
      • group-*: This value aliases all wiki which have the value in the position of * in their MediaWiki:Bot groups message. (The message values are separated by spaces).
    • subcategoryinclude: This value is used on category pages to add subcategories to the extraPages list of other pages to sync along with the one this page is included on. (Please note that using this on a non-category will log an error on the log page(Values below)
      • off: No subcategories are included. (Default)
      • on: All subcategories are included. This has unlimited recursion, so all subcategories of the subcategories are included to.
      • #: A number indicates a depth. If you specify 0 then only the subcategories of the current category are included. If you specify 1 then the subcategories of those subcategories are included to.
    • namespaceFilter: This is a filter for the pages included in the extraPages list. You may specify the names or numbers of namespaces that the extraPages should be limited to. Note that if you use * then all namespaces are allowed (Default)
    • regexFilter: This is a regex filter for the titles of the pages included. Please note that these page titles are titles without the Namespace. So if you wish to filter by category you need to make use of the namespaceFilter parameter.


Code Result
{{TagSync|include: *}} Sync to all Wiki
{{TagSync|include: *|exclude: naruto}} Sync to all Wiki except the Narutopedia.
{{TagSync|include: *|exclude: naruto, bleach}} Sync to all Wiki except the Narutopedia or Bleach Wiki.
{{TagSync|include: naruto}} Sync to the Narutopedia only.
{{TagSync|include: naruto, bleach}} Sync to the Narutopedia and Bleach Wiki only.
{{TagSync|include: *|exclude: low}} Sync to all Wiki except the lower-level wiki. ie: Top and mid level.
{{TagSync|include: group-games}} Sync to all Wiki which have games inside of their MediaWiki:Bot groups message.