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Ketsueki Kiba


Shred Regalia: Jack Ripper


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Ketsueki Kiba

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Old School Building

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Tezuka Hayate is a King Class Rider that rides upon the Rip Road, he is 17 years old and he is the leader of the Ketsueki Kiba Storm Rider team. Tezuka is also the Shred King of the Rip Road.


Tezuka portrays himself as a very cool person, despite having a more toward a loser-like personality, shown when he proclaims to be the real Sky King and keeps a cell phone that had fallen out of use due to AT's and other communication devices but Tezuka still deems it "cool." He is also somewhat reckless but knows how to deal with difficult situations. Despite his at first glance self-absorbed attitude Tezuka does care about his friends as he wants to protect them.


Tezuka has black hair and greens eyes, he has a plaster on his cheek due to him being fight prone. He wears green trousers, a red hoodie with a red tie and a black longsleevd T-shirt underneath.

Team Members[]

Fuku Ken

Guren Natsu

Alexander Putin

Nami Hayate

Mei Kurosaki


Tezuka rides the Rip Road, this road focuses on using the rip-start momentum to attack and move extremely quickly. This rip-start can also be used to create "blades", by breaking and simultaneously accelerating the user creates the rip-start this creates an internal energy that is able to be fired from the wheels of the users AT's. Just like the Bloody Road this 'run' is one where the rider seeks to immortalize his/her tricks by carving them into another individual, however this is done through the sharp "blade" like wheels.

AT's and Abilities[]

Tezuka wears the Shred Regalia. This regalia takes the rip-start momentum that the user builds up, turns it into internal energy and finally remits it as a sharp energy wave. It's has sharp blade like wheels, a red colour overall and a figure head resembling a dragon at the top. It name is Jack Ripper and it has serrations on its blade like wheels.

Tezuka is a both a Speed and Balance type rider, and he has a R.E.A.D level of 347, it has also been noted that Tezuka has above average punching power and endurance.


Rip Blow - Tezuka uses the rip-start to accelerate and the with the momentum that comes from the acceleration he kicks his opponent.

Fang Cutter - Tezuka rotates 360 degrees and executes multiple kick to his opponent, due to the sharp blades of his AT the kicks also cut the opponent. The rotation also adds centrifugal force to his kicks, allowing the wheels of his AT to cut in deeper.

Buzzsaw - By using the rip-start Tezuka executes a spin to get underneath his opponent and then transfers all of the resulting momentum into them, sending them flying and heavily damaging them.

Chakram - Tezuka plants a hand on the ground and swings his feet like a pendulum, by adding rip-start momentum the power of the attack is greatly increased.

The effects of Rip Wave.

Rip Wave - By using the rip-start momentum to accelerate Tezuka is capable of creating a wall of wind, this wall blows away any thing/person behind him.

Blade - By breaking and simultaneously accelerating Tezuka creates rip-start momentum, this creates an internal energy that is able to be fired from the wheels of Tezuka's AT's.

Shredder Blade - Tezuka uses his rip-start to create an devastating Blade, that is more powerful than an ordinary Blade.

X Rip - As the name suggests, it is a pair of Blades fired in a cross-shaped configuration.

Dancing Blades - Tezuka executes a series of break dancing move while simultaneously firing Blades.

Lethal Cutter Blade - This is an evolved form of the Shredder Blade, it takes the appearance of an oversized Blade with ribbed protrusions and is yellow in colour. It is also the Infinite Atmosphere of the Shred Regalia.